Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When can the jumping bench stir an outrage?

Couple more sketches. I'm moving along in the brainstorming process on the Pamela picture (above). I'm still deciding between poses. I like the one I've shown here, but I'm also considering what the background is going to be, and whether or not this pose would work with said background. Guess I need to get that firmed up before I can move on.

And also, another quick mule sketch from my character design class.


  1. The chick looks spanking hot. Her pose is awesome<3 Your mule is also very cute. I like how long his head looks ^^

  2. man that mule drawing is fucking awesome

    good job

  3. I'm pretty sure she should be on the donkey. Yah know, riding it. Riding the donkey.