Thursday, May 30, 2013

The steam expands the account.

I decided to start doing commissions on Gaia again. Here's the first batch of ones I've done. I have other requests lined up, so I'll be posting more of them here soon, too.

Also, I've recently discovered Sketchfab - a site that allows you to upload your models and put them in a viewer that can be embedded in blogs, forums, etc. So I uploaded my viking dude to try it out. Unfortunately, the formatting of this blog is too narrow for the embedded viewer to do much good here, but you can check the model out on the site itself:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The idea authorizes the wax.

Just finished up with this guy! Definitely a lot of fun to work on, and gave me some good practice doing hand-painted textures.

Totals came to...

10221 triangles
1  1024x1024 diffuse texture (viking)
2  512x512 diffuse textures (hammer and shield)

A buddy of mine is rigging and skinning this guy, so hopefully I'll have some animations to show soon, too!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The ice interacts the process.

Woohoo! Done with this guy! Well, the main part of him, at least. I want to make his hammer and shield, too. Going to start working on those next, and in the meantime I'll be sending this off to my friend to rig and animate.

Just to reiterate, the concept for this character was done by the very talented Darren Bartley (AKA fightpunch). I did all the modeling and texturing.