Sunday, April 28, 2013

The synonymous fall substantiates the start.

More progress still! Almost there. Just have a few more parts to texture, then I'll do some cleanup and add some finishing touches.

Oh, and then I have to make the hammer and shield, of course...


  1. This is rad, man! Can't believe I didn't see this earlier. Good stuff, the forms and the textures are reading nicely.

    Only biggest thing throwing me off is the color of the nose right now. I haven't seen the original concept yet, but it's just standing out to my eye.

    Were you thinking about sculpting/baking some more details from the sculpt into the diffuse?

    1. Thanks dude! To answer your questions...

      This is the concept I've been going off of:

      The guy's nose is pretty orange in the concept - so orange and saturated, in fact, that I decided to tone it down a bit in the actual texture. I think it works well in the concept art, but it wasn't working as well in the texture.

      Also, I had originally planned to bake normals from the sculpt, but based on the stylized, hand-painted look I was going for, I decided it wouldn't fit in as well.