Friday, August 13, 2010

Why does his slightest major recommend a royal neck?

Finally got the OK to post a bunch of stuff I've been working on at my internship. This isn't everything, but the other stuff was deemed "secret." From the top we have dumpster concepts, a set of small business tiles (I did not model the building in the center), a character viz dev piece, and then some short 1 hour speed paints.

By the way, the game I've been working on at this internship is looking more and more badass as it develops. They've started allowing sign-ups for the Alpha. You should go sign up!

Empire & State Alpha Sign-Up:



  1. nice concepts. how did u do the clouds on the picture 4th one down. was it just a brush u used

  2. in fact, how did u do these paintings. i've never seen u paint stuff like these before. was there some special technique they showed you