Saturday, November 7, 2009

A hesitantly impromptu fruit cake somewhat satiates a grizzly bear around a pig pen.

A shaded render from Maya of my character so far. She's totally unwrapped and the bones are placed, but I still have to texture and skin.


  1. Wow, her eyes look funky awesome. What did you do to them and would you mind sharing your eyeball process?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I jumped on board with the inset-iris-bandwagon.

    Basically you just select the area of the eye that would be the pupil and, with soft selection on, you inset it slightly. Then you select the center point of the eye and push that in too in order to make the pupil slightly more inset.

    Once you're done insetting, create another sphere around the eye and give it a phong shader (or something similar - high specularity, slight reflectivity, transparent, etc.). That will give it the shine.

    Happy eye making!