Monday, October 5, 2009

A blithe spirit barely throws a defendant at a dolphin of the grain of sand.

These were some quick storyboards I whipped up for our game team presentation this week. Our producer wanted to show the professors a general idea of how a sample puzzle in our game would work and how you, the player, would handle it. I only drew the absolutely essential frames, since I did it in a night, so a little explanation of the scenario would probably help:

Frame 1: Isaac finds himself in a dusty, cluttered room in the steampunk world. Junk covers the ground with sharp edges and broken glass sticking out all over the place. On the other end of the room he sees a door with a switch and pipe hanging overhead. However, due to the dangerous ground, he cannot walk across the room to access the door.

Frame 2: We switch to Ora, in the organic world, to see what she can do about this situation. In the organic world, the junk covering the ground is merely plant life and vines, safe enough to cross over; the pipe overhead is a log hanging from a vine; the door is a series of wooden planks and the switch is a flower growing out of the wall.

Frame 3: Ora crosses the ground to the door area but does not see a way to open it. There is no door knob or keyhole. She decides to climb up and cut the vines holding the log in place.

Frame 4: Back in the steampunk world, Ora's action of cutting the vines causes the chains holding the pipe to be severed. Without the chains to support the old pipe, one end breaks off and hangs down at an angle leading towards the door.

Frame 5: Isaac walks over to the switch on the wall next to the door, and turns it on.

Frame 6: Flipping the switch turns on the flow of oil through the pipes which, due to it being broken, sends it pouring out over the door.

Frame 7: We switch back to the organic world. The oil is water in the organic world, which is now covering the planks of wood. Ora stands in a nearby patch of light and, lifting her hatchet, reflects light onto the water covered planks. With the heightened growth in the organic world, the light causes moss to grow rapidly over the wood.

Frame 8: We switch back to the steampunk world. In the steampunk world, moss is rust, and now the door is covered in it.

Frame 9: With the door weakened, Isaac is able to use his hammer to break through and move on to the next area.

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