Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The unstable insurance agent ceases to exist, and a jersey cow trembles.

Work was cancelled today! I got all the way to Redmond to find out that the building had lost power, therefore the computers couldn't be turned on, thus cancelling Project Fun. Althought somewhat annoying that I had to get up early and spend over an hour on the bus to find this out, I wasn't really upset. It was nice to have the day off.

With the time I had, I did some cafe drawing and attempted to work on my website (and failed after finding no place with airconditioning, outlets, and a place to sit). The middle doodle/drawing is from yesterday during Project Fun. I was a bit bored so I browsed through dA and found a photo I found interesting. I used the only paint program available to me at the time,, and drew this based on the picture seen here ---> "Close Your Eyes"

Finally, I finished the high poly Ora model. Hooray!

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